About Us

OEASRO was founded in 2013 specialized in Low-voltage electrical and Power Transmission and Distribution industries. We provide our customer with profitable growth by offering integrated comprehensive electrical solution.
OEASRO key value is innovation and quality to ensure clients with safe, reliable products.

OEASRO trade and service mainly deals in high-low voltage electrical equipment, whole set, instrument and meters, we provide our solution for distribution panels , boxes and protection systems.

Since 2017, OEASRO focuses on innovated AI+IoT electrical solutions. Based on deep understanding of low voltage electric experience, we integrate the latest IT technology, including communication technology, software, cloud, big data, micro-processing, etc, and develop innovated electrical solutions. Applications to various of safer and smarter electrical demand: such as smart city, smart building, industrial automation (Industry 4.0), smart utility distribution system .

OEASRO AIoT electrical product includes: 1)AIoT metering MCCB; 2)AIoT energy meter with protection; 3)AIoT metering MCB; 4)Smart Recloser; Supporting these AIoT electrical hardware, we also developed various of platforms of Smart energy cloud, Electricity safety supervision, Energy efficiency management platform, and corresponding APPs for each products.
Our AIoT electrical solution can achieve integrated safer and smarter protection in real-time: including short circuit, overload, earth-leakage, over/under-voltage, phase loss, arc fault, phase imbalance, temperature, remote scheduled earth-leakage test, real-time monitoring of electrical parameters, power safety monitoring, energy management, remote control , timer control, electrical fault analysis, warning, alarm, billing, event report, statistical report, etc.

OEASRO electrical products integrate software platforms and APPs can achieve smooth interconnection through various wired or wireless communications. Such wired communication includes RS485, Ethernet RJ45, and PLC(power line connection). Wireless communication includes WiFi(hotspot), GRPS 2G/3G/4G, NB-IoT, LoRa, Zigbee, Bluetooth, etc.

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